About Me

Hari as Possibility

I'm Hari Srinivasan and graduated UC Berkeley in Spring 22, with a BA Honors in Psychology, minor in Disability Studies 

At UC Berkeley: 
  • Academic Honors: 
    • University Medal finalist (top 5 in graduating class of 11,000 students)
    • Departmental Citation Award (top student in Psychology). 
    • 4.0 GPA, Phi Beta Kappa, Psi Chi
    • News around the awards
  • Enjoyed mesmerizing lectures taught by amazing faulty
  • Haas Scholar: Conducted my own faculty mentored independent student research on Autism which will lead to 2 publications on Empathy and Awe. 
  • Senior Staff Writer for the Student Paper, The Daily Californian. A column on autism, commentaries, reviews and the chance to interview with some 25 amazing individuals along the way. I have written on many areas both disability and non-disability related.
  • Lead Undergraduate Student Instructor for a faculty-sponsored, semester-long class on Autism (called DeCal) for 7 semesters. The class enrollment grew from under 17 to 50. It is an opportunity to influence how 50 students each semester will come to regard and interact with the "humane" in autism for the rest of their future lives. 
  • Headed Team Propaganda at the unique makerspace Crip Lab - RadMad Disability Lab (Facebook Page, Twitter @RadMadLab1)
  • President, Spectrum at Cal student organization at UC Berkeley.
  • Research Assistant, Golden Bear Mood Sleep Clinic & Hinshaw Lab
  • Associate Intern, World Enabled
  • I have enjoyed attending college sports. A highlight was Cal beating traditional rivals Stanford at the "Big Game" 2x and bringing home the coveted Axe trophy 2x. And winning the RedBox Bowl as well. 
  • Interact with other students, participate in group projects including 2 class debates, go to Daily Cal parties and events
  • And much more....
What's Next:

I'm a minimally-speaking autistic and AAC user. My brand of autism includes oral-motor apraxia, poor fine motor skills, poor body coordination, body mapping issues (inability to form body schema), sensory dysregulation, mood dysregulation, ADHD, OCD and a ton of anxiety issues. Many of these issues do indeed present significant and frustrating obstacles to my everyday functioning. I never know what kind of day I will wake up to or when I will fall apart.

Education and the chance to be a contributing member of society was like a candy store with me on the outside looking longingly in. Access to higher education for individuals like me is hard-won and I have absolutely throughly enjoyed and just savored my undergraduate years at UC Berkeley and all the opportunities it has opened up. Thank you Berkeley!

My different thornier path is seeing some patches of green grass along the way. 

I was one of three young activists featured on President Obama's Instagram on the 30th anniversary of the ADA. (https://www.instagram.com/p/CDKTNl7gtZD/ I'm the 2nd story). Politics Aside, it is a tremendous honor to be mentioned by a President of the United States on social media. It gives great hope and encouragement, especially for someone who is significantly disabled like me - that lives like mine are lives that have worth to society.***

There's More:
  • Selected to serve on NIH's Interagency Autism Coordinating Committee
  • Vice Chair, Board ASAN 
  • Council of Autistic Advisors, Autism Society of America
  • ACI Leadership Academy
  • Community Advisory Board, The Brain Foundation. 
  • Autistic Researchers Committee, INSAR. 
  • Creative Consultant for an Australian Play "Helping Hands" on what Help means in Autism
  • Presented on various topics at conferences  tinyurl.com/108hari
My publications (select list): https://uniquelyhari.blogspot.com/p/daily-californian-articles.html

  • All this just during my college years. There is stuff from before too - like I received a National Gold Medal at Carnegie Hall, been published in a book by Scholastic that year with a forward by Nobel Laureate, Elie Wiesel. Got to participate in a National Archives Project which will be part of Smithsonian, Was the editor of a Braille Magazine.. 
    I intent to do much more with my life. The purpose of human existence is to help others and I dare dream I can do just that. 

    And I do like other fun stuff too. I love to walk and admire the awe of nature. I especially love being around water - waterfalls, the ocean and the beach. I also am an avid poet with around 250 poems and a few short stories. I intend to write a series of books (when I get time....). I learn tennis and I love watching pro sports especially basketball and football. 

    A word I associate with myself is "Possibility- "Hari as Possibility

    Many don't realize that Possibility actually precedes Opportunity. When the mind opens itself up to the thought of possibilities this in itself subtly suggest the existence of alternative paths. Out of this are born opportunities. Opportunities, that let you delve in and explore. And this is the just the beginning of my journey. 

    Fortells sheer opportunities

    Challenge the latent dormancy

    A road to serendipity

    Oh the Possibilities!

    Without possibility...

    There is no opportunity

    Therefore no creativity

    What a tragedy!

    Look for possibilities!


    In Possibility lies sensibility

    A trove of conceivable contingencies

    Absolute exponential probability

    To overcome perceived dissimilarities

    Explore the Possibilities!

    Neurotransmitters flow in this autism mind.  I am just Uniquely Hari!!

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    For all other Posts: Scroll through the blog: 


    1. Amazing story!!!! 😀 I'm sure you are an inspiration to so many people!!!! Keep up the great work!!!!

    2. I just read an article about you in Berkeley News - I'm sooo happy to read about you and your achievements! I have two autistic kiddos, one who is as you say minimally speaking and an AAC user. We always presume competence - and I find we have to constantly, *constantly* remind the school, everyone around us, to do the same, and not set low expectations or try to exclude him from mainstream opportunities. Thank you for sharing your journey, and I truly wish you the best of luck! You're awesome :)